6 Things You Can Do to Prepare to Teach the UoS in Reading


Summer is a great time to dive into the Reading Units of Study books!  Here are 6 things you can do to get started with this new curriculum!

  1. Review the Guide to the Reading Workshop book for information on what a reading workshop entails.  Familiarize yourself with all the parts; Independent Reading; Mini Lessons; Small Groups; Conferencing; Assessment; Management; Partner Reading; Book Clubs; etc.   This is a comprehensive go-to guide.  (Notes:  Primary / Intermediate)
  2. Read the books from the Trade Book pack.  Highlight / post-it things you want to point out to your students when you read aloud.  Think about what your teaching points might be.  **Primary Only- Place the post-its that come with the kit in the books on the correct pages.  What do the post-its focus on?  What strategies will you be teaching students
  3. Get to know your assessments!  
    1. Primary – There is a chapter in the Guide to the Reading Workshop book on the different assessments you can use.  Really take a good look at the running records part – are we using running records to get the most information from them?  Think about other assessments you may want to try – Concepts about Print, etc.
    2. Intermediate – Get to know the Reading Pathways book that comes with the kit.  Take a look at the Learning Progressions.  Where do we want kids to be?  Read through the Performance Assessments.  What do they ask students to do?
  4. Think about your plan for the year.  The kit comes with 4 Units of Study, but the program encourages teachers to teach 6-8 units.  What will your year look like?  What other units could you teach?  Take a look at the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project suggested year-long curricular plan to help you sketch out your year.
  5. Get to know the If Then book in your kit.  Are there units in that book that you would like to try?
  6. Start planning Unit 1.  Use this Planning Guide to help you!  

Some planning and work getting to know these materials on the front-end will make next year much easier as you begin to implement!  

How have you started to prepare?  Let us know what you found especially helpful!!

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