Summer Reading: Professional Books


Summer is approaching quickly and it’s a time I always look forward to.  Not just because of the days off.  But it’s also such a great time to catch up on all the books that have been piling up all year!   There are also some great new books out there, too, that I can’t wait to get!  Here are just a few that I hope to read this summer.


Elena Aguilar also wrote The Art of Coaching, which was a GREAT book.  But I am even MORE excited about this book because it deals with teacher teams!  And that is a big focus in our District.  Building a great team is so important for student success!  Stay tuned to hear more on this book!


I have read so many great reviews about this book, such as on @christinanosek’s blog  Teacher Triathlete.  I have never read anything by Yaris and Burkins before, but I do believe that teachers often are the ones working hardest!  Letting kids do the heavy lifting enables them to become more independent.  I hope this book will give good tips on how to make that happen!  More to come…..


“Every student deserves a great teacher, not by chance, but by design.”  This is the opening sentence of Fisher, Frey and Hattie’s new book, Visible Learning for Literacy, and one of the reasons I decided to get this book. We have done lots of work with Hattie’s research in our District.  I am excited to learn more about how to use it specifically in literacy instruction.   Here is a YouTube video that summarizes some of the content.  

So, those are part of my summer reading plans! What are yours?

Stay tuned for the Summer Reading:  Children’s Book post!

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