Creating a Great Classroom Library

For kids to be able to be the best readers they can be, they need access to lots and lots of books! Each reader is different and will need books that both appeal to them and are at their right level. That’s why classroom libraries are one of the most important places in the classroom!

So how do you build a class library that will meet the needs of all of your readers? Here are some thoughts and resources that might help you.

1. It is best to start by taking a status check of your current library! What do you already have? What do you still need? Here are some great checklists to help you get started.

Linda Hoyt’s Classroom Library Considerations

Scholastic’s Classroom Library Checklist

Research-based guidelines to create an effective classroom library

2. Now it’s time to purchase books! What books should your library include? There are tons of resources online that have extensive booklists. Here are a few. But don’t forget, your students are a good resource too!

Check out my first blog post on looking for summer reading books! Lots of book sources there!

Scholastic’s Ready to Go Libraries have pdf lists that you can use!

3. Time to organize! There are many different organizational systems that you can use… no one way is right or better than another! Will you organize by author, level, subject, genre? Or all of the above? Some teachers re-arrange their libraries throughout the year as a way of introducing students to more books! Here are some tips on library organization.

Reading Rockets: Creating a Classroom Library

Cool Classroom Libraries on Pintrest!

Daily 5 Sisters share their classroom library thoughts… video

4. How will you keep track? Will you do an old-fashioned card system? A sign-out sheet? Or electronically? There are lots of apps that have been created to help teachers keep track of books. Here are some resources for you.

Book Retriever app

Book Source

3 Cool digital tools – Learning Unlimited

10 Best apps for Classroom libraries

To create a classroom of readers, kids and teachers need to set challenging goals for themselves and then to have the books available to help them meet those challenges! How will you create your classroom of readers? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!!

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